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Hello Bertrand, Evaluate monthly my actual suppliers is a similar task to select the best supplier. The only difference is that this is done constantly and we need a historical data to see how the suppliers are evolving. I saw that in visual promethee 1.3 you included a dashboard function that is still being developed. This dashboard will be related to what I'm talking? I can do this exporting the evaluation table to an excel sheet and creating a graph to evaluate the monthly evolution of suppliers, but are you planning to do something like this in this dashboard function? Thanks a lot,
Dear Lucas,The Dashboard function is foreseen for sensitivity analysis purpose.I have already been looking into using the multiple scenarios model for introducing the time dimension (there would be one scenario for ......
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Hello Bertrand, I am going to use PROMETHEE-GAIA program for my P.hd program, could you tell me how can i get the right software?do i need to by or is it possible to get free? Thanks
Hello,The Academic Edition of Visual PROMETHEE is available as a completely free download for all non-profit research.Check to get your copy!...
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What is the difference between the two Editions of Visual PROMETHEE?
Visual PROMETHEE is available in two Editions: The Academic Edition is available for free for any non-profit research or teaching use. The Business Edition is available for a license fee of ......
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Is it possible to display units within the Visual PROMETHEE evaluation table?
Yes it is! Since version 1.2 (check the About... screen to be sure that you have the newest version of Visual PROMETHEE) it is possible to associate separate currency strings to individual ......
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I understand the difference between two different types of thresholds value. However, and knowing that the software does the work, I aim to know how does the preference function work with percentage threshold values. Imaging we choose linear preference function for one criterion. When you compare your d value with p o q, what value need you to compare with? In the example of choosing the site place in the demo, for the criterion "Price" this happens. I would be grateful if you could explain how does the function works with this kind of value. Thanks.
In the case of percentage thresholds (q and p are percentage values), when Pj(a,b) is computed for a criterion fj to maximize the evaluation difference fj(a)-fj(b) is computed and is compared to ......
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Hi why can't we use a decimal number in weight cell?suppose that we fill some questioneer by likert spectrum and the weight is a decimal number, how can we input it?
Hello, It is possible to enter decimal values for the weights. Depending on the localization option chosen, the decimal separator is the "." (dot) or the "," (comma). On the example ......
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How can I use the Preference Function Assistant?
The Preference Function Assistant will help you to choose the right preference function for a given criterion and to assess values for the corresponding thresholds. To access the Prefrence Function Assistant, ......
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What is the PROMETHEE Rainbow?
The PROMETHEE Rainbow is a disaggregated view of the PROMETHEE II net flow. The actions are displayed from left to right according to the PROMETHEE II ranking. For each action, a ......
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How can I get the result of PROMETHEE I Ranking using the Promethee software? I want to know partial ranking and positive and negative preference flows for each alternative. Please send the solution to me. Thank you. Charles
The PROMETHEE I partial ranking is available under different forms: - In the PROMETHEE Rankings graphical display. - In the PROMETHEE Diamond display. - In the PROMETHEE Table, where you can ......
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What is the PROMETHEE Diamond?
The PROMETHEE Diamond is a new way to graphically display both the PROMETHEE I partial ranking and the PROMETHEE II complete ranking: A two-dimensional representation is obtained by plotting the positive (Phi+) ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-01-17 Views: 21
How to use the new PROMETHEE Rankings display?
The PROMETHEE Rankings windows contains two tabs (at the bottom of the window): PROMETHEE I Partial Ranking: This new graphical representation of the partial preorder is constructed as follows: The leftmost ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-01-17 Views: 52
How can get a copy of the new Visual PROMETHEE software?
Currently (January 2012) the Visual PROMETHEE Software is still in development. A functional beta version is already available. Please visit the web site to download your free copy....
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Why six preference function types?
From the introduction of the PROMETHEE methods by Professor J.-P. Brans in 1982, six types of preference functions have been defined. They were based on previous methods such as ELECTRE III (linear ......
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What is the difference between absolute and relative thresholds?
Absolute thresholds are the default in the original PROMETHEE method: each threshold is assigned a value on the scale of measurement of the criteria (absolute difference); this value is fixed. In some ......
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What is the maximum number of actions or criteria in the PROMETHEE Software?
Currently (beta version), the software limits are the following: 10 000 actions, 10 000 criteria, 100 groups, categories and clusters, 100 000 evaluations, 10 scenarios. These limits are not inherent to ......
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How to use the new Visual Stability Intervals tool?
The two-dimensional display is organized as follows: The horizontal axis corresponds to the relative weight of the currently selected criterion (or group of criteria), from 0% to 100%. The vertical axis ......
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