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Should the value of the indifference (Q) and preference thresholds (P) be in the interval: min |Dc(Ai,Aj)| <= q <= p <= max |Dc(Ai,Aj)| ? where min |Dc(Ai,Aj)| or max |Dc(Ai,Aj)| is the lowest / the highest deviation value for criterion c? So, it won't make sense if we set Q or P out of the interval. Is that right?
The values of the Q indifference threshold and of the P preference threshold are linked to the evaluations but also to the preferences of the decision-maker. Often on a quantitative criterion ......
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How to choose the right preference function?
There are six different shapes of preference function in the original PROMETHEE methods and in the PROMETHEE software. Here are some guidelines in choosing the right preference function for your criterion. ......
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In PROMETHEE III method, an interval [xa,ya] is calculated using equation, xa=φ(a)-ασa and ya= φ(a)+ασa. What is α in these equations and how its value is decided?
The idea behind PROMETHEE III was to detect proximities between net flow values, taking into account the variations in the pairwise comparisons (measured by sigma(a)). In the PROMETHEE III implementation, the ......
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What is a correct value for an indifference threshold (q)?
The indifference threshold (q) for a given criterion represents the largest deviation that is considered as negligible in the comparison of two actions. A good way to determine the value of ......
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What is a correct value for a preference threshold (p)?
The preference threshold (p) for a given criterion corresponds to the smallest definition that you consider as definitely important when you compare to actions. Usually it is easier to determine the ......
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