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Hi, The import in theAcademic version didn't work. I've tried all the combinations using the template provided by the software and with only the numeric fields (to avoid any trouble). I've tried to reverse engineer the files by manipulating an exported emply files and It didn't works either....
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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Thank you for your message and for using Visual PROMETHEE. And sorry for the problem you encounter with the Import function.

Currently the Import function is quite limited and requires to follow very precisely the exact file format mentioned in the XLSX file installed with the software. This will be much improved in a next release.

In the meantime if you still experience problems with the Import function please send me your Import file and I will gladly check it for you.


PS: Reverse-engineering is never a good idea... Export format is different (because it includes analysis results) ;-)

Last update: 09:37 AM Sunday, November 17, 2013

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