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Hello Bertrand, Evaluate monthly my actual suppliers is a similar task to select the best supplier. The only difference is that this is done constantly and we need a historical data to see how the suppliers are evolving. I saw that in visual promethee 1.3 you included a dashboard function that is still being developed. This dashboard will be related to what I'm talking? I can do this exporting the evaluation table to an excel sheet and creating a graph to evaluate the monthly evolution of suppliers, but are you planning to do something like this in this dashboard function? Thanks a lot,
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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Dear Lucas,

The Dashboard function is foreseen for sensitivity analysis purpose.

I have already been looking into using the multiple scenarios model for introducing the time dimension (there would be one scenario for each time period). It would then be possible to display the evolution of the rankings and also of the GAIA plane.

I would be glad to discuss this with you and consider the implementation in a future version of Visual PROMETHEE.

Best regards,


Last update: 02:53 AM Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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