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I understand the difference between two different types of thresholds value. However, and knowing that the software does the work, I aim to know how does the preference function work with percentage threshold values. Imaging we choose linear preference function for one criterion. When you compare your d value with p o q, what value need you to compare with? In the example of choosing the site place in the demo, for the criterion "Price" this happens. I would be grateful if you could explain how does the function works with this kind of value. Thanks.
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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In the case of percentage thresholds (q and p are percentage values), when Pj(a,b) is computed for a criterion fj to maximize the evaluation difference fj(a)-fj(b) is computed and is compared to q * fj(b) and p * fj(b).

In other words the relative difference (fj(a)-fj(b))/fj(b) is compared to the thresholds.

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