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What is the PROMETHEE Rainbow?
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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The PROMETHEE Rainbow is a disaggregated view of the PROMETHEE II net flow.

The actions are displayed from left to right according to the PROMETHEE II ranking. For each action, a multicolored bar is drawn. Each slice within the bar corresponds to the contribution of one criterion in the computation of the multicriteria net flow. Its height is equal to the unicriterion net flow value multiplied by the weight of the criterion. This way, the multicriteria net flow value is the sum of all the slices (positive ones minus negative ones). Larger positive slices (most important good features of the action) are on top and larger negative slices (most important weaknesses) are at the bottom of the slice.

The PROMETHEE Rainbow makes it possible to see the characteristic profiles of the actions, taking the weighing of the criteria into account.

In Visual PROMETHEE, the Rainbow local menu (right-click on the window) allows to control the display of names and/or shortnames.

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