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What is the PROMETHEE Diamond?
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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The PROMETHEE Diamond is a new way to graphically display both the PROMETHEE I partial ranking and the PROMETHEE II complete ranking:

A two-dimensional representation is obtained by plotting the positive (Phi+) and negative (Phi-) preference flows in a 45° angled display: Phi+ is displayed from NE to SWand Phi- from NW to SE. In this way the vertical axis gives the net flow (Phi = Phi+ - Phi-).

A 45° cone is drawn for each action. The tip of the cone corresponds to the action preference flows values. When one cone is on top of another one, that action is preferred to the other one in the PROMETHEE I partial ranking. When two cones overlap, the corresponding actions are incomparable in PROMETHEE I. The vertical positions of the tips of the cones give the PROMETHEE II complete ranking.

Due to the mathematical properties of the preference flows, all cones are always located on the left side of the vertical axis.

An advantage of the PROMETHEE Diamond is that it is easy to visually appreciate the proximities of the different actions.

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