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How to use the new Visual Stability Intervals tool?
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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The two-dimensional display is organized as follows:

  • The horizontal axis corresponds to the relative weight of the currently selected criterion (or group of criteria), from 0% to 100%.
  • The vertical axis corresponds to the PROMETHEE II net flow, from -1.0 (worst) to +1.0 (best).

The selected criterion can be changed using the drop-down list at the bottom left of the window.

For each active action, a line is drawn that shows how the action's net flow value changes according to the relative weight of the selected criterion. Higher values correspond to better ranks in PROMETHEE II.

A vertical line (green/red) is drawn at the position of the current relative weight of the selected criterion. The intersections of the action lines with this vertical line show the current PROMETHEE II ranking.

The stability interval for the weight of the selected criterion is represented by a blue bar on the horizontal weight bar and two dotted vertical blue lines. This display can be turned on/off using the "Stability interval" checkbox and the stability level can be adjusted. For a given stability level, the interval is computed such that the corresponding first actions are maintained in the same order at the top of the PROMETHEE II ranking.

Last update: 11:52 AM Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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