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What about the history of PROMETHEE?
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Author: Bertrand Mareschal
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PROMETHEE was created by Professor Jean-Pierre Brans in 1982. At that time it included only the basic PROMETHEE I and II rankings.

Soon thereafter Bertrand Mareschal started to work with Jean-Pierre Brans on the development of the method. PROMETHEE III (interval order) and IV (continuous) extensions were proposed in 1983. A first (mainframe) computer program was implemented at that time.

Between 1984 and 1989, two important milestones took place: the GAIA method was created as a descriptive extension of PROMETHEE and the (MS-DOS) PROMCALC software was made available to the users of PROMETHEE. GAIA is still today one of a very few effective descriptive MCDA methods. PROMCALC (later PROMCALC-GAIA) was one of the first truly interactive MCDA software with a strong emphasis on user interface, graphical representations and sensitivity analysis.

In the 90's additional PROMETHEE-based instruments were created: PROMETHEE V provided a solution for constrained multicriteria selection of a subset of actions while PROMETHEE VI introduced the notion of the "decision maker brain" in GAIA. Meanwhile group decision extensions of PROMETHEE and GAIA were also introduced.

At the end of the century, Decision Lab 2000 was launched as a joint project between our ULB team and the Canadian company Visual Decision. It replaced PROMCALC and set up new standards for MCDA software.

Currently the D-SIGHT software is in its late beta stage. It will include some newer developments (especially visual representations for PROMETHEE and extensions of GAIA).

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