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Hi, The import in theAcademic version didn't work. I've tried all the combinations using the template provided by the software and with only the numeric fields (to avoid any trouble). I've tried to reverse engineer the files by manipulating an exported emply files and It didn't works either....
Hello,Thank you for your message and for using Visual PROMETHEE. And sorry for the problem you encounter with the Import function.Currently the Import function is quite limited and requires to follow very ......
●● Last Update: 2013-11-17 Views: 84
i want to ask for search thresholds "p" and "q". I know in visal prhomethee can use "help" for search it, but i want to know how to make thresdholds "p" and "q"? thanks
Please have a look at the Visual PROMETHEE Manual for details about the q and p thresholds and how to assess their values....
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-11-18 Views: 10
when this software is likely to be developed?
The Launch Edition (1.0) is available at
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-09-16 Views: 3
If the actions involve three different news papers and three different TV channels & we have to select two actions involving at least one news paper and one TV channel, how to specify the constraint for PROMETHEE V ? please guide, as at present the promethee v window shows selection of minimum and maximum no.of actions only?
Let us call the actions respectively P1, P2 and P3, and TV1, TV2 and TV3 to represent the 0-1 decision variables corresponding to the actions (0: not selected, 1: selected). If ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-09-16 Views: 3
what is the accuracy rate of PROMETHEE method? is there any factors which affect the accuracy of PROMETHEE method?
What do you mean by accuracy?...
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-05-18 Views: 1
Hi I Want to use promethee sotwares for my dissertation.Does visual promethee have reliablity or it is on test procedure?i downloaded visual promethee from your site. Best regard
Hello, While Visual PROMETHEE is still in beta, version 0.98 has just been released (April 10, 2012) and a lot of testing has been made. Computations can thus be considered as reliable. In case ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-05-18 Views: 7
In the Gaia panel, if you right click > show axis > all criteria: What the All criteria axis stands for? I see it resulted in an axis showing dots in relation to the Actions. Can the actions closed to this " All criteria axis" be considered as optimal actions?
Hello, This has been changed in the current release. The menu now shows the list of the criteria. Bertrand...
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-05-18 Views: 6

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