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How can I export the "Preferences Flow" table? Select-All and Copy does not copy the row names. thanks! Ming
Hello, That has been corrected in the current version....
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Hi Bertrand, I have a quick question. Suppose we have the following PROMETHEE modelling: *The criterion is minimized *The difference between objects 'a' and 'b' on that particular criterion is -5, i.e. d of (a-b) = -5 * V-shape preference function with P-threshold of 6 is selected. How do we calculate the P (a,b)? Will it be 5/6 since we minimized the criterion so that the preference function should be reversed? Many thanks your time!
Hello, You are right. As the criterion has to be minimized, a is better than b and a positive preference degree value of 5/6 is computed. That is done automatically in ......
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