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Could you explain how the weighing calculation in Promethee software? Is it just multiply Pj(a,b) by wj when calculate n(a,b) or preference indices? Or more than that to calculate the weighing (if we decide to configure wj value)? Because I still haven't figured this out yet. Thank before.
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Yes, the multicriteria preference index PI(a,b) is the weighted sum of the unicriterion preference functions Pj(a,b). Visual PROMETHEE automatically normalizes the criteria weights so that their sum is equal to 1.0 (100%).

In the Visual PROMETHEE spreadsheet, weights are entered for the individual criteria. The Weighing Assistant can be used to make the process more easy especially when the hierarchy (cluster/criteria groups) is used. This is explained in the last version of the manual that you can download from the Resources section at

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